As much as I dislike writing these things, I guess you’d like some idea of who I am. My name is Richard and I am a photographer, musician, husband, and father. I’ve been photographing professionally since 2008 and to this day I still get a thrill photographing people. Whether they be getting married or just wanting a photograph of themselves or their families, I love presenting my clients with photos that make them see how the rest of the world sees them, and maybe not how they see themselves.

I think I’d be doing a better job by letting some of my brides tell you what I’m like …

“Richard went above and beyond for us as a photographer, he spent 14 hours shooting barely seeming to stop for a break so he wouldn't miss a single moment of the wedding. Richard drove between three locations on the day starting very early at our place to capture some gorgeous photos with our fur babies. Everyone knew when and where they needed to be because of Richard's amazing organisation. I didn't feel stressed or like I needed to check the time myself as I knew Richard had it covered. Despite this fantastic time management, we had fun! It was hard to feel nervous when Richard was making us all smile.” - Tee

“Not only was Richard accomodating to every quirky request I made, he went the extra mile to make sure we got every shot we wanted, and then some. We felt totally comfortable and had so much fun getting our photos taken.” - Sacha

Richard's professionalism, impeccable planning and ability to work the room made for amazing photos and an amazing wedding. His experience shooting weddings made me feel empowered to organise my own wedding. Once he knew the ceremony time, he was able to work backward and tell me when to have the hair and makeup artists arrive, when to have the groom and groomsmen start getting dressed and when I should start driving to the venue; I just had to organise the celebrant, the cake and the dress! Actually, Richard recommended the celebrant so I didn't even have to organise that! On the day, even though we had an early start, Richard was punctual and cheerful. His easygoing demeanour and ability to make everyone laugh helped the whole wedding party feel relaxed. He made sure to get lots of photos of the bridal party before, during and after the ceremony and reception. He also made sure to capture as many of our guests as he could, both in posed photos and candids.“ - Beth

Thanks ladies for your very kind words.

I look forward to the chance to meet and photograph you.