The RXAphotography Wedding Photography Registry

Julie arrives at her wedding

Julie arrives at her wedding

I have found that most of my bridal couples are already settled into a household and do not require the items that traditionally appear as wedding gifts. I mean how many vases can one couple seriously use? As part of the my wedding photography service, I offer a Wedding Photography Registry (WPR). The registry allows your wedding guests to contribute to your photography as a gift.

100% of the contributions from your guests are allocated to your account and can be used as payment on your account, to extend your agreed coverage time or as credit for products/services (or even that Trash the Dress/Rock the Frock shoot you’ve been seriously considering).

There is no charge to offer the WPR as an option for your guests and I can supply you with all the information on a special card sized to slip in with your invitations. Your guests will be directed to a special landing page that will give them all the details, explain how the registry works and provide a way to contribute.

Not only do you receive funds to add to your coverage or products but there is a bonus for your contributors too…

Every person who contributes $50 or more to your WPR will receive a free 1 hour portrait session with RXAphotography and receive credit to the value of their contribution. 

Everyone wins!

Please ask about setting up the WPR for your wedding. Again, there is no charge to you.

As with all things in life there are terms and conditions attached. I try to keep them simple and full of common sense. Take a look here.